Beanbag 'Relax' Black


Comfortable beanbag from Puffi

Looking for an affordable and original beanbag? Then choose this beanbag from the Puffi brand. A beanbag as the beanbag was once meant to be, these are the beanbags from Puffi. Available in 8 cheerful colors and made of water-repellent material.

Puffi Collection: Cheerful beanbags for an affordable price

Puffi is the second brand of the Sit&Joy quality brand. The quality is just as good, but some concessions have been made to make the beanbag more affordable. This beanbag is a few centimeters smaller, the fabric is slightly less thick and it has different zippers than a comparable beanbag from Sit&Joy.

Is a Puffi beanbag of inferior quality? Absolutely not. If you compare a Puffi with other brands, this Puffi beanbag is an excellent and affordable choice.

Water-repellent fabric: Suitable for indoors and outdoors

The polyester fabric is water-repellent. This makes the Puffi collection also very suitable for outdoor use. We recommend storing the beanbag dry when not in use. This extends the lifespan and entitles you to the warranty. But if the beanbag does get wet, fortunately this is not a problem!

The water-repellent fabric also makes cleaning easy. A cloth and mild soap will remove all stains!

Supplied with the best beanbag filling: FlexiPearl® Original

This beanbag comes with FlexiPearl® Original beanbag filling. These are new, dust-free and resilient white beads specially designed for beanbags.

Due to its size, this beanbag is delivered in multiple boxes. You must fill the beanbag yourself with the handy FlexiPearl® EasyFill System.


Model Beanbag
Brand Puffi
Use Indoor & Outdoor
Color Black
Packaging 78 x 58 x 50 cm (2x)
Material Polyester (Water Repellent)
Weight 7 kg
Filling FlexiPearl® Recycled
Contents 400 l
Total length 140 cm
Total width 100 cm